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Nursing & Maternity Bras for Every Occasion

Finding a maternity and nursing bra that is comfortable, supportive and easy for feeding can make or break your breastfeeding journey. When shopping for a nursing bra there are a few key things to look out for:

 Easy Access: For speed, efficiency and dignity, you don't want to be fussing and flailing in the way of establishing your baby's latch. Look for nursing bras with nursing clips or soft and stretchy pull-aside styles.

Adjustability: Pregnant or nursing, its important that you stay comfortable in a well-fitted bra - Your body is going to change fluctuate after pregnancy with nursing and weight loss in the equation. But, thankfully, - as you'll see below - the best maternity and nursing bras are designed to grow with you.

Potential Padding: Most nursing bras don't come with padding as it isn’t a necessity when looking for a nursing bra, but they can offer additional protection for milk leaks, especially during those first few weeks when milk supply can often exceed demand. Our best recommendation for leaky nipples are, naturally, our organic bamboo fleece breast pads

Support: Look for ergonomic designs that cater to your own shape and how you want to feel. For example in the newborn stage, your top priority will most likely be comfort, whilst later on when you start to nurse less frequently, you may prefer to go for more structure and style forward options.


Boob design's 24/7 bra is aptly named: it flexibly adapts to your bust size to fit snugly during pregnancy, nursing and after. Super soft and comfortable in moisture-wicking sustainable lyocell, it’s perfect also for nighttime nursing. Plus, thanks to the pullover style, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra to bed. The ultimate bra at any hour, day or night. Also available in black and don't forget the matching briefs


Available in an array of nude colours in our underwear section, Bravado's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is the ultimate comfortable and practical experience. It is the perfect everyday style, at home, on-the-go: the any-time nursing bra. The luxuriously soft fabric moulds to your changing shape, so it's perfect for your matrescence as you can wear it throughout both pregnancy and nursing. The 'B' nursing bra clips allow the cup to fully drop down, designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact with a fun fact: each B-clip has been tested and can hold up to 25lbs! Luxuriously soft, seamless and wire-free for added comfort with removable foam inserts for shape and discretion.


SIX's Rosa royal blue nursing and maternity bra is both comfortable and romantically feminine thanks to the second-skin-soft microfibre and exquisite lace employed in the design. At Six Studio, adapting to the blossoming of the pregnant body is at the forefront their design consideration and their versatile pieces are crafted for pre, mid and post pregnancy bodies. The Rosa bra is both elegant and practical for your Matrescence. It's suitable to wear throughout pregnancy and post-partum for breastfeeding with easy to use nursing clips for drop cup nursing, promoting the all important skin-to-skin contact when feeding. This design showcases exquisite French leavers lace on the neck edge and a flattering gather detail at the centre front. Complete your set for date night with the matching Rosa briefs, as seen on Millie Mackintosh.


Powered by all-female Design and Technical Design teams, Bravado products are designed by women, for women. Bravado's Ballet Bra is made to be perfect for sleeping or lounging with its cosy modal lining and light support. The pull-on styling with no back closure brings comfort to a sleek and elegant silhouette, plus functionality for the pregnant or nursing woman.



Bravado's wonder-woman multitasking hybrid Pumping and Nursing Bra brings versatility and convenience to the forefront for pumping and breastfeeding mothers. This 2-in-1 style combines quick and easy pumping and breastfeeding ease, with a simple and neat aesthetic. Truly the definition of anytime-anywhere, pumping or feeding on-the-go. Also available in dove-heather grey.