The Matrescence Parlour is a petite boutique that caters to Matrescence itself: a term coined by anthropologists that defines a woman’s transition into motherhood. 

Yes, the emotional, physical and psychological changes that a woman undergoes after the birth of her child now have a name; and we’re here to deliver that niche a service - Whether you’re shopping as a new mother yourself or an expectant mother alike, our both utility and chic collections have got your intentions covered.


“It was during the limbic phase between pregnancy and motherhood that The Matrescence Parlour was conceived. In the latter months of my pregnancy and as an imminent first-time mother, I was searching for a consciously curated one-spot destination that specifically catered for the nebulous realms of the third and fourth trimesters. 

I found myself trudging through the plethora of retail giants maternity, newborn baby and nursing options - jugging multiple online shopping baskets from various sites - to no true satisfactory avail; as I came to realise that what I was searching for was the special boutique experience and feeling that would speak directly to my matrescence. Even supporting independent baby and children’s wear shops still felt too vast in relation to the immediacy of the third trimester and the mystic forth beyond.

With my ever growing bump, I found myself yearning to place all the late pregnancy and early motherhood regalia in one convenient online shopping basket and to browse from the comfort of my own home. I envisioned: utility yet luxe nursing lingerie (check out our range of Six Studio), comfy and cute clothing for both mummy (Womom is our go-to!) and baby (coming soon!), nursery ideas, kittenish gifts and of course, poop paraphernalia - That’s when I realised I’d found the seed that was The Matrescence Parlour’s niche, planted it into my mind and fostered its growth to blossom into a business.”


As you’ll see, we’ve cherry-picked a capsule collection of apparatus relating to late pregnancy and early motherhood from special businesses across the globe. Our opening collections are a thematic preview of what is yet to come - We’re starting small and we’ll be expanding more as we grow. Plus, as we are a lifestyle business that intend to foster the motherhood-sisterhood, we’d like for you to grow with us, too, so please do stick around as our budding community is set to bloom.