Minois Paris


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Designed to take care of your baby's skin from birth, Minois’ creamy foaming bubble bath is a blend of organically produced active ingredients renowned for their delicacy, softness and cleansing virtues. This formula respects your baby's skin and is enriched with hydrating and soothing orange blossom water and organic honey - Dermatologically tested, it won't dry-out even the most sensitive skin Its light and creamy foam. Minois enables you to treat your little one to the premium skincare that they deserve. 

Pour a small amount of the product into the bath water and mix. Rinse the foam thoroughly at the bath outlet. Suitable from birth and for daily use.


Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. 

Free from: palm oil, paraffins, sulphates, silicone phenoxyethanol  and artificial colours. 

Without allergens and essential oils, specially made for babies’ sensitive skin. 

 The packaging is made from recyclable PET plastic.


Minois Paris is a natural and organic skincare range for babies and children made to the highest qualities and standards. Minois is for parents in search of a more responsible lifestyle, being acutely aware of the quality of products and the expertise of the people who make them. Their deliberately short-list formulas are created with the utmost of transparency at their own laboratories in France, following a highly specific charter. Their products are results driven and effective without compromising the sensory aspects of skincare, such as pleasant textures, delicate fragrances and attractive packaging.