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Multifit Pocket Nappy: The Reusable Nappy That Grows With Your Baby

Voted Australia’s Best Pocket Nappy, we've imported these award winning nappies as they're one of the most versatile and cost effective reusable cloth nappies that you will find! A Pocket Nappy style is where you add the absorbency inside the pocket exactly where you need it. The organic bamboo cotton drying inserts are fast drying (3 inserts are included and 1 tri-folding organic bamboo cotton cloth, too) and the size is super easy to adjust with the pop buttons on the front - Effectively, the nappy grows as your baby grows, so one size fits all. And check this gorgeous "rhapsody" paisley design!

 Start on the smallest setting and expand the rows as those chubby legs get chubbier. From 4kg-20kg this nappy is outstanding value for money, it's the nappy that keeps on giving!

 Guaranteed wide coverage – You do not want anything escaping a nappy, so the wide coverage across the bottom  gentle but firm elastics in all the right places keep everything contained.
 Thirsty layers – You’re in safe (dry) hands with the organic bamboo cotton layers that you can fold where you need the most absorbency. Position the smaller insert in the middle for girls, and at the front for boys

 Check out this wonderful video guide for full instructions: 

Product Specifications

 Waist Closure: Pop buttons

 Absorbency: Organic bamboo cotton fleece 

 Inserts: Trifold double layer + 3 layer inserts included.

 Outer Fabric: PUL

Inner Fabric: Suedecloth

 Pocket: Yes

 Sizing: 4kg-18kg


Multi-award winners BabyBeeHinds bee-lieve in a simple idea: To change the world one nappy at a time. Born in 2004, they sought to create the perfect reusable nappy and they're one of Australia's first Modern Cloth Nappy brands to have started in the industry. Once cloth nappies were considered a bit 'hippy', but thankfully, general perception within the mainstream has evolved. We  BabyBeeHinds for their organic identification and ecological consideration.