Gabrielle Paris


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Swaddled in this organic cotton baby cover, your baby will be as snuggley as can be! This beautiful warm quilt comes in Gabrielle Paris’ staple étincelle pattern - meaning “spark” - in eucalyptus. Also available in powder rose and honey white.


Their products are "AZO FREE", so free of dyes of class AZO, which are recognised harmful to the skin and the environment. This make their pretty products suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

They're proudly organic Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and GOTS certified.

All fabrics are hand-picked and are produced ethically, every step of the way - They favour natural materials as 95% of their collections are made from natural materials and 80% from linen, a material with a low ecological footprint.

To make their fabrics soft and supple, they use enzymatic washing - This method is ecological due to the natural origin of the enzymes, which biodegrade: its more powerful and therefore consumes less water than other laundry products. Also, after dyeing, their workshops treat waste water so that it can be reused or safely released into the wild.


70 x 100 cm, filled with 100% polyester


A timeless yet modern eco-responsible brand, Gabrielle Paris is a French family-run homewares company that specialises in high-quality textiles and small accessories. Run by sisters Julie and Justine, Gabrielle Paris is named after their grandmother: family being at the core of the business. Their products are conceived and crafted around the functionality and needs of a family and they offer an essential line of luxurious textiles and décor in soft colours that blend seamlessly into any home. Self stipulated "far from fast fashion", their business ethos is defined by their moral under-code of respect for both the environment and its inhabitants.