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This classy nude and bronze coloured porte-bébé Organic OEKO TEX sling is a comfortable, simple and beautiful portage. This sling is a Double Ring, meaning it allows for symmetrical carrying, ideal for longer charging time. The baby is comfortably installed and its weight is distributed on both shoulders. The Double Ring Sling can also be used as a Single Ring Sling for a shorter duration. Our June-22 carriers supports a mother in recreating the intimacy between baby and mother after birth, while re-discovering themselves along the way. 


100% organic cotton for total respect for baby's skin. Physiologically designed, the fabric stretches only across its width to provide gentle support with no bounce back effect.

Cocoon your baby in June 22's eco-friendly organic and OEKO-TEX materials, without neglecting the idea of your independence and a stylish, feminine wardrobe.

These slings help relieve colic, reduce crying time, stimulate psychomotor development and promote breastfeeding. 

❥ June 22 slings are deliberately compact to be taken everywhere and easily used. 

 One-size & use from birth - 10kg

 Manual and drawstring "Mother's Gang" bag included. 


"When I thought back to the birth, it felt more like a separation than a meeting, which is why I felt the need to redefine my notion of motherhood. I wanted to carry my baby in a way that met all her newly discovered needs and increased desire for comfort."

June 22 is when it all began for our carriers company, when founder Audery's daughter, Léonie, was born in 2016. The date was like an epiphany for her - More than just a date, her birth inspired an idea of promoting the connection between mother and child. Audery wanted to create a cool and free “Mothers’ gang”, for all those women who wear multiple hats on a daily basis; promoting that it is possible to experience all motherhood has to offer without losing your way. June 22 is more than just a baby carrier company, it is a philosophy.